Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules

Valid for accommodation Apart Hotel Jablonec, Svatopluka Čecha 59, 466 02, Jablonec nad Nisou,

Czech Republic as General Conditions of the Accommodation Agreement pursuant to Section 754 et seq. Of the Civil Code:


1. Every accommodated person (hereinafter referred to as "the guest") is obliged to sign on arrival at the hotel reception and to prove its identity at least to the extent of the information: name, surname, address, date of birth, identity card number - The guest who is required to be equipped with a visa for entry to the Czech Republic is obliged to prove his / her valid visa, in case the guest refuses to submit a personal document, the hotel is not obliged to provide accommodation.


2. The accommodation price is payable at the latest at the end of the stay, unless agreed otherwise. Payment is made in cash or by credit card.

Payment by invoice is possible only after prior agreement with the hotel management and binding by order.

Board rates of accommodation and individual services are available at the hotel reception and at


3. The guest has the right to use the spaces reserved for accommodation. Upon boarding, he will receive the key and the chip from the room and from the main door.

The guest is required to avoid losing those keys. In case of loss or other misuse of the keys or chip, the guest is obliged to pay the hotel a penalty of CZK 1000.

The guest is required pay the price confirmed on the order.

Properly use the rooms to be accommodated, keep the order and cleanliness of the room. Familiarize yourself with and stay with the Accommodation Regulations.

Notify immediately the damage or damage caused by the guest in the premises. The room is available from 15:00 on the day of arrival.

On the day of departure the guest is obliged to leave the room until 10:00. The guest must report the day later in advance. Late check-out costs 400, -CZK per person.

Send the keys, the entrance chip from the building and the hotel room on the day of departure at the reception.

Eventual consumption of minibars will be reported upon departure at the reception.


4. The guest must not without the consent of the landlord:

Make major changes in accommodation (moving furniture, etc.)


Use in-house appliances without prior notice at the hotel reception.

Leave spaces reserved for accommodation to another person.

Receive in-room visits for a stay.



The guest must not:

Wear a weapon and ammunition, or otherwise store them in a condition allowing their immediate use (will be immediately reported to the Police of the Czech Republic)

Hold, produce or store narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons, unless it is a medication the use of which was prescribed by a doctor (it will be immediately reported to the Police of the Czech Republic)

Smoking in all areas of the hotel (fine on the spot 1.000CZK)

Take the bed linen, bathroom textiles from the hotel's room (fine 500 CZK / pc) and bathrobe (fine 1.000, - CZK)

Parents of toddlers and young children are responsible for ensuring that the rooms are clean. Children under the age of 12 must not be left unattended by adults either in the room or in the hotel's other rooms. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children throughout the hotel.


5. The hotel is open and reception is open from 07:30 until 21:30 The guest is obliged to close the main entrance door when leaving and arriving at the hotel.

From 22 am to 7 pm, the hotel has a night-time regime where the guest is obliged to behave in such a way as not to disturb the other excessive noise.



6. Parking of guests' cars is possible on their own adjacent car park in front of the hotel. These parking spaces are open and hence the operator is not responsible for the eventual theft of the vehicle or things in the vehicle.

We recommend guests not to keep jewelry, money or other valuables in the rooms. The hotel, within the meaning of Section 434 (1) of the Civil Code, is not liable for loss or damage to the above-mentioned matters.

A shared safe is available in the hotel's office.


7. Visit of hotel with pets is not possible.


8. The guest has the right to withdraw from the accommodation agreement. Withdrawal from the contract is subject to cancellation terms.

Cancellation conditions:

Guests can cancel a free reservation within 2 days prior to arrival.

In the event of cancellations less than 2 days prior to arrival, the guest will pay 100% of the first night's price.

Payment in advance is not required.

In the case of cancellation of the prepayment order, the settlement is made within 15 days and the refund is refunded after deducting the cancellation fees.


Accommodation rules issued by the hotel operator:

Restaurant 59 s.r.o.

Company ID: 046 56 474

In Jablonec nad Nisou on January 1, 2016

Apart Hotel Jablonec, Svatopluka Čecha 59, 466 02, Jablonec nad Nisou, tel .: +420 483 711 188