Surroundings of the hotel

  • Around our Hotel

    Many, many things are near our hotel. Look at the maps. You will not be bored :)

  • The Jablonec dam lake

    The dam is the largest dam in the basin of the Lužice Nisa River. It is situated near the center of Jablonec nad Nisou and for its cleanness it is suitable for relaxing and summer water sports.

    200 m
  • Sauna at the dam

    A large sauna with year-round operation and a smaller infrared sauna provide guests with an ideal place to relax and unwind. With a cooling pool (5-10 degrees), a relaxation room and a beautiful view of the surrounding Jablonec dam, it offers a comprehensive experience.

    With a capacity of up to 33 saunas, it is ideal for individuals and groups looking for a unique environment for regeneration and stress relief. On winter days, if there is enough snow, it is possible to use the natural snow to cool down.

    400 m
  • Sporting equipment

    Jablonec is primarily a town of sports both in the summer and winter season. We have incredibly beautiful cycling trails, cross-country ski trails, but also ski areas for downhill skiers.
    You can easily rent bikes, in-line skates, skis, snowboards and all the accessories for these activities.



    500 m
  • Bike trails

    Jizersky Mountains = one of the best bike and cycle trips Bohemia. Here you will find easy trails for beginners and children, but very challenging road terrain for a very experienced biker.

    100 m
  • Adventure bike trip

    Jizera Mountains, Bohemian Paradise or Poland

    One-day event with a guide to the beauties of the Jizera Mountains, the Bohemian Paradise or the Polish border. A meeting with a guide is always at our hotel and we set off together on bicycles or a new comfortable nine-seater car with a bicycle on the lift to start (with the possibility of refreshments while driving).

    Route length: 25 to 100 km, depending on your chosen route

    Number of persons: 2-8

    from the hotel
  • The Ski Arena of the Jizera Mountains

    It is a connection of three major ski resorts of the Jizera Mountains. There is an integrated ski system, which uses a common ski-pass and a ski bus, which shuttles between the ski resorts. The ski bus goes three times a day along the route Janov nad Nisou-Bedřichov-Severák-Tanvaldký Špičák. Discover also the newly reconstructed Ještěd ski area.

    od 5 km
  • The swimming pool with an aqua park

    25m swimming poll, children’s pool, whirlpools, water slides, wild river, steam, sauna, massages, aqua fitness bikes.

    Outdoor sunny meadow: beach volleyball, children’s pool, children’s attractions.

    200 m
  • The multi-purpose sports hall

    The sports hall enables to do all kinds of indoor sports and using extensible curtains it is possible to prepare the hall for holding big cultural and sport events.

    Other possibilities: aerobics, fitness, massages, spinning, table tennis, and many others activities.

    200 m
  • The Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery

    It is a unique museum in the Czech Republic. There are collections related to the history and the present of the Czech glassmaking, costume jewellery making, minting, coining, and the Czech and other countries’ decorations and orders.

    1 km
  • Crystal in Jablonec nad Nisou

    One of the most important jewellery activities is the Crystal in Jablonec nad Nisou. This centre is the largest shop of Czech jewellery, glass and Christmas decorations in Central Europe. Fragile beauty is here on 450 m2 of sales area.

    1 km
  • The bob-sleigh track

    The modern bob-sleigh track in the Town of Janov nad Nisou is a great attraction and exciting experience for making active use of leisure time for visitors of all age categories.

    4 km
  • The IQ Landia

    It is a modern science center with a 3D planetarium and hundreds of peculiar exhibits.

    It is the world of science and technology that attracts you and does not leave you. The world of amazing experiments and smart entertainment!


    10 Km
  • Centrum Babylon Liberec

    It is a modern science center with a 3D planetarium and hundreds of peculiar exhibits.It is the world of science and technology that attracts you and does not leave you. The world of amazing experiments and smart entertainment!

    10 Km
  • The Jizera Mountains

    In the Jizera Mountains there is one of the most beautiful cross-country ski areas in the Czech Republic. The mountains are equipped with a net of very well-kept ski trails. In the summer you can use up bike routes leading around the whole Jizera Mountains between villages, chalets and natural attractions, and travel through the mountains without any big effort. You can visit fourteen viewing towers situated on the tops of the mountains and offering beautiful views of the countryside.

    from 1 Km
  • Grill party in on the lake

    Barník is a boat that you can book for a private barbecue, sitting with your group or for one of our special events.

    A boat with an electric motor and a luxurious charcoal grill will provide you with a good dose of fun. A 6-member crew can comfortably sit on board. We recommend a maximum occupancy of 8 people for crews with children or for very close friends :-)

    300 m
  • Paddleboarding on the Jablonec dam

    Paddleboarding is a sport for young and old. In our arsenal you will find boards of all types and sizes. From children's boards, through classic recreational to racing razors. It is also possible to rent a wind-sup or a megaboard for a 6 - 8 member crew.

    200 m
  • Scooter rental

    6 bases not only for scooters in the Maloskalsko region in the Bohemian Paradise
    2 scooter rentals directly on Malá Skála

    In the Maloskalsko region, we own an interconnected network of scooter rentals.
    We offer more than 100 quality and proven KOSTKA scooters for children and adults.

    10 km
  • Adventure Golf

    One of the hardest courses in the world, its par is 36 (all holes have par 2). It is possible to reach an ace on all holes, but on the other hand even an experienced player will play a hole for 3, 4 or more strokes, in which the course is sufficiently treacherous.

    But don't worry, even small children can do it here :)

    10 km
  • The boat rental

    The SUNDISK family boat rental is the only one on the Jizera to rent extended canoes for the entire family of four. In addition to you, the SAMBA canoe can easily play a barrel for dry things with a volume of 50 L or a medium-sized dog.

    Get inspired and choose the best boat trip!

    10 km
  • Climbing Center

    The SUNDISK family Climbing center has been a part of the Yellow Swimming Pool on Malá Skála since 2007. Due to its size and obstacles, it is the largest similar attraction in the Liberec region. The rope center stands on the banks of the river Jizera, it is built of 10 m high wooden logs and other structures connected by steel ropes.

    10 km
  • The Mountain of Ještěd

    The Mountain of Ještěd is a symbol of the Liberec Region and with its height of 1012 m is a dominant feature of the northern Bohemia. For its unique architecture it was rewarded the Perret Prize and became a national cultural monument and a building of last century.

    10 Km
  • Lookout towers of the Jizera Mountains

    The surroundings of Jablonec nad Nisou boast the most lookout towers in the whole Czech Republic. Taste the beauty of the Jizera Mountains from these heights. You will find more than ten of them in our area!

    5 km
  • Tenis, squash a badminton

    Indoor, modern tennis hall. In total, there are four tennis courts, 3 separate nets and 1 court behind a glass screen. Two badbinton courts and two squash courts.

    Areál Břízky, distance from the hotel 5 minutes by car.

    3 km
  • Tenis Proseč ČLTK

    The tennis complex in Proseč offers 8 outdoor tennis courts, 1 year-round (hard surface) and 3 indoor tennis courts (in winter).

    Distance from the hotel 10 minutes by car.

  • Relax in the wood

    A short walk from the hotel begin the beautiful forests of the Jizera Mountains. Summer and autumn, it is not just an amazing walk in the fresh air, but also a paradise for mushroom pickers.

    500 m

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